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Sandy Bleifer

Artist Statement

I have been working with paper since the mid-70s, pushing the boundaries of just what the substance/medium is capable of doing. Paper is not only surface for the image, but a painting and sculpting material in and of itself. My work evolved from an ongoing inquiry into the nature of my materials, especially the silkscreen process as well as the paper. What I learn from my media I use as a frame of reference for the real world and discover parallels between my working processes and the structure of the natural and man-made world.

With silkscreen, a medium that lends itself to production of identical multiples, I sequenced the color order, or cropped each print for a different image, or "painted" individualized blends through, or reconstructed the printed page into unique compositions expressing the observation that much of nature can be understood as rich variation on basic themes. I developed a vocabulary of manipulation/techniques (such as tearing, folding, layering, peeling, crushing, burning) transforming the paper, itself, into a drawing and sculpting medium.

I have discovered that the nature of paper, its strength and resiliency, reflect the nature of the human condition; our vulnerability, our outer fragility and our inner strength our ability to endure despite abuse. As I worked with figurative imagery my role as an artist also evolved. As I organized thematic exhibitions, I expanded the exhibitions into public forums, educational programs, expressions in dance and poetry, and in creating an interactive environment for the viewer.

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