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Miri Chais

Artist Statement

Through my art I am interested in the power of images to stand out on their own, losing all relation to any cultural, geographical or social source. Our contemporary lives take place as much in the virtual realm as in true reality. However, neither space is immune of media-generated images that are intended to represent our universally accepted societal ideals. We internalize them, strive to adhere to them, and we are under constant pressure to adopt them as our own.

Communication theorist Marshal McLuhan famously said, “the medium is the message". The world is reduced to symbols and data maps, and is presented to us as news, entertainment, fashion, and so on. Direct experience is replaced by consumption. The term “virtualization” implies a facsimile of reality, endlessly repeated and disseminated on the Internet – a simulacrum, a copy without an original.

The processing of information undoubtedly did not begin with the Internet, however communication technology has effected it radically nonetheless. I noticed that Japanese culture has an exceptional blurring between the virtual and the real, and between hierarchical stages in social evolution. Imaginary, folkloric figures such as the yōkai follow individuals from childhood into adulthood, interacting with them in their everyday lives.

I perceive the interaction between the real and the imaginary worlds mirrored in the cyberspace that is becoming so dominant among most of us on a daily basis, and in any place in the digitized cultures. It is precisely this interaction that I aim to explore in my work.  ~Miri Chais October,  2013

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