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Lorraine Bubar

Artist Statement

I became interested in papercutting when I realized that so many cultures around the world, ranging from Eastern Europe and China to Mexico, utilize papercutting.

As a world traveler, I have always been fascinated with what art forms or “folk art” the local people create. As a woman I have also been interested in how different cultures mark events in their family lives, from holidays to rituals. Papercuts have been created as calendars, to mark births and deaths such as for Day of the Dead, and in Judaic tradition they hung in homes and in synagogues to decorate for holidays. They are often created by local people working with the simplest of materials and tools.

My papercutting connects me to this extensive and fascinating cultural heritage, as well as actually utilizing papers created in Asian countries where I have traveled. The intricate lacework of my layered papers illustrates both the fragility and the strength of the paper medium, as well as the fragility and strength of the environments I depict.

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