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Josh Peters

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This group of paintings attempts to harness the tension between opposites; the conscious and the unconscious, the accidental and the very deliberate. The paintings are started either by wetting and painting the back of the canvas (thus seeping through to what will become the front) or by quickly and loosely covering the front of the canvas with a viscous mix of acrylic paint and liquid medium. Based on this haphazard beginning, additional elements and textures are added to the painting - a delicate balancing act, as much of the initial layer is left exposed to interact with the carefully placed forms which make up the second layer.

The seeping paint gives a feeling of hazy recollection.. incomplete objects (a half-moon, the fragment of a shape created by enhancing areas of this random beginning ) add to this feeling of the half-remembered and ambiguous-but-allusion-laden. I am aiming for a poetic amalgamation of naked process and careful planning. Above all, I want to freeze a painting while it is still in the state of 'becoming'.. to capture that wild energy... yet achieve a sense of balance that is pleasing to the eye and rewards sustained looking.

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