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Andrea Raft

Artist Statement

Making art is most precious to me. While making art there is no other reality except the wonderful experience of creation and the act of being in a sacred space, both in the studio and on the canvas. In my work I attempt to take the viewer into a quiet meditative place, to reflect and to rest from the hectic outside world, hoping to create a contemplative space to calm the spirit and nourish the soul.

I am an artist using a variety of mixed media materials as inspiration. I am influenced by nature, it's textures, earthen hues, and the sense of place. Through transparent layers of paint, ancient script, metal leaf, and collaged materials I try to create a sense of history and deeper meaning to my work.

I often collaborate with my son Aaron Sedway who is a photographer. I find his images to be an inspiration for my mixed media pieces reflecting the beauty found in the natural world. His photographs are often the focal point of my work.

I have also begun to explore the world of Jewish Mysticism and Jewish tradition while seeking to find a path to a more meaningful connection to my Jewish cultural heritage.

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