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Sandra Klein

Artist Statement

I fell in love with photography, and my teacher, in my junior year at Tyler Art School. Each student was given an Olympus Pen W camera that shot 78 wonderful grainy photos per roll. As opposed to a class focusing on technique, the stress was on learning to see a la Cartier–Bresson.

I spent my youth on the east coast, having been raised in New Jersey, and received a BFA in printmaking at Tyler. With savings from my first job, I bought a Nikkormat and printed my pictures at home in a makeshift darkroom. After traveling the world, including a year living in Mexico, and later working in New York City, I eventually settled in California where I have remained.

I received a Masters Degree in Arts with a printmaking major from SDSU and then began my teaching career. I currently pursue my fine art photography with great passion and enthusiasm.

My photographs are visual poems, small stories that evoke universal emotions. My focus has been on self-portraits and layered images created digitally in Adobe Photoshop. These are often combined with embroidered text, adding a three-dimensional element to the page. The text is gleaned from poems that have resonated with me and speak to issues I am exploring about loss, aging, and family.

By using the processes and concepts I learned in printmaking and collage, I am exploring the possibilities of layered photographs. I have always found the printing process to be mysterious and magical. The excitement I felt when printing etchings and lithographs is similar to waiting for my photographic image to print.

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