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Lucie Hinden

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I enjoy experimenting with acrylics and collage, exploring layering, pouring and creating graphic edges. I like to "mix it up" in one piece, combining the accidental with the planned out, the painterly with the graphic, the atmospheric with the straight edge. 

I particularly enjoy pouring acrylic on mylar or on textured surfaces and using them as collage media. I camouflage the brightly colored collage pieces within the paintings, so that they can be discovered slowly. They add a vibrant contemporary edge, and an element of surprise that contrasts with the graphic or atmospheric background. 

My latest series, Best Laid Plans, was inspired by architectural plans from our own home and garden. The architectural plans brought to mind that all man-made plans are built on fragile surfaces, often go astray, take unexpected turns, or seem to have a mind of their own. They lead us to unexpected paths and often into unexplored territory.

I am open to exploring new media, and new techniques, but color will remain an important element in my work. 

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