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Kathy Leader

Artist Statement

I work intuitively, allowing the process of mixed media to evolve, drawing images, ideas, shapes and colors from my past and present life, consciously and subconsciously. By focusing on the process, I have no final outcome in mind when I begin.

As the piece emerges, a dialog begins between myself and the artwork. Each stage dictates the next and so I continue working in layers until the piece feels complete. Working with acrylics, medium, wax and drawing materials, allows me to explore various textures and mark making in an instinctive way. 

The textures and colors are influenced by my time in Africa scratching in the sand and dry earth with sticks. I also like working with my own writing fragments. I am fascinated by what happens to an idea when it becomes a written word. What happens when those words are enlarged, diminished, cut up, rearranged or buried? Do they still hold the power of the original thought? By manipulating them they recapture some of their complexity, becoming buried in the layers of my work.

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