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Marla Fields

Artist Statement

I have lived in Southern California my entire life.  When I was fortunate to venture out into the world and participate in International Exchange Exhibitions, my world broadened considerably. My work reflected this new exposure and life experiences changed me forever. Thank goodness for art, as it has served and kept me company for many years. It engages me, upsets me, thrills me and then I begin all over again.

My art is about history.  It comes from a spiritual place within.  Layer upon layer, building up and tearing down: eventually the right equation that translates the visceral.  My work is a narrative movement of shapes and colors with the hope that it engages the viewer in their own respective journey of life.  Using paint, threads, recycled work, I build my surface and create my environment. Combining quirky shapes and creating texture is part of the rhythm of my work.  Mostly I don’t know at first what the message is, it comes with time, a little bit of torture, intense thought and hopefully a release from the cerebral with the focus on core emotions. What stays constant, is that the the work is never what it appears to be. 

As of late, I have been captivated by circular shapes and geometric divisions.  It is somehow the way I see life and balance.  As much as I try to break away, it always comes back to me.  So as they say, I will go with the flow.

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