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Raphaele Cohen-bacry

Artist Statement

Working as an artist is my way of staying grounded, in touch with my inner self and connected to the world and what is truly meaningful.
I was born and raised in Paris, France. Beginning early in my childhood, my mother introduced me to our wonderful museums, and since then I cherished both art and science. 

As an adult I studied painting and engraving in various schools in France while completing my MS in pharmacology. I worked in my own studio in Paris for several years and then moved to Los Angeles twelve years ago. 

I have been developing my own style using what I call pictorial free association (for example, one shape, one specific color calls for another specific shape and color), always expanding the range of my abstract lexicon, the vocabulary of the eye.  My paintings are quite lyrical and appeal to feelings and at the same time, they are built on strong structures. They open and extend emotions for the viewers. The way I work approaches the way an archaeologist performs: I am digging into the painting, looking for a universal and timeless truth. I am trying to get close to a Persian miniature: chiseled, perfectly balanced and achieved but still looking effortless and free. My work carries deep roots in art history, where I often find my subjects that I revisit with a contemporary approach, looking for that same grace within.

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