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Yossi Alpert-apodaca

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Yossi Alpert-Apodaca, also known as “Franco Americano”, is an American born Jewish artist. He received his BA in Elementary Education from San Francisco State University.
Americano has exhibited in the U.S. and abroad including shows in Barcelona, Spain; Paris, France; New York City; Brooklyn; Colorado; San Francisco; Chicago and Los Angeles. His work has been featured in press and publications such as “Better Homes and Gardens”, “Tom of Finland” Catalog, "The Fight Magazine", and “The Advocate”.  

Franco Americano explores depictions of emotion via representations of the human form, creating portraits that embody both iconic imagery and his own imagination of his subjects.
His paintings and works on paper present compositions with central figures, aiming to unveil their inner landscape. 

Americano’s painterly signature style is rendered by distinctive outlines, organic shapes, and intense brushwork, which he fuses with expressive and bold colors — saturated hues and matte palettes. His figures have exaggerated forms posed within a dark and dreamy realm, offering elusive, idiosyncratic portraits with a wide-range of fluctuating expressions.

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