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Aline Mare

Artist Statement

My work begins with hand painted transparent surfaces scratched and marked with abstracted gestures. Using the illumination of the scanning machine as an original light source, I combine the painted backgrounds with collected objects from the natural world. I am searching for roots and rootedness in the systems of conveyance that link plants, bodies and cities in a common network of connectivity.

My most recent series of works, Deep Roots and Newly Seeded (2014-2015) incorporate my experience as a new transplant to the city of Los Angeles where I found myself immediately drawn to the tree roots bursting through the sidewalks. The Newly Seeded series began in my discovery of the thorned Kapok Trees during my walks through the neighborhoods of LA. I found myself mesmerized by the unusual seedpods hanging from its branches bursting with silky cotton like fibers containing its seeds, which I began to use as a primary material in my scanning process.

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