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L. Aviva Diamond

Artist Statement

I’ve followed an Asian meditation path for more than thirty years, and that has deeply influenced every aspect of my life including my art. Much of my most recent work explores cosmic connections; I’m always seeing the universal in the intimate - galaxies in crashing waves, mysterious worlds and creatures in rushing streams, and reflections of divinity in light and form.
My series, Light Streams, is large-scale so that people will be immersed in a world of energy, water and movement. I began this body of work at a retreat and spent many hours meditating before I began to shoot. Then I worked on the images in Photoshop, painting with light and shadow to highlight the essentials and eliminate distractions. I often spend weeks – or sometimes months - working on each piece until it transmits the feeling I’m searching for. Sometimes it’s just a tiny dot of light that makes all the difference.
Ever since I was a young child, my vision has been a little unusual. I see very very tiny dots – smaller than pinpricks – all the time…in the sky, in water, in people’s eyes. I don’t know what those are or why I see them. But in my art, I try to transmit some of the feelings I get from that vision - and from what I feel in meditation. Light, for me, is spiritual. It fills me with awe and hope. I’m in love with light and shadow, line and form. And I try to merge that love with the connections I see everywhere. This all is a bit strange for someone who spent so many years as a journalist, just dealing with facts, but there you have it.

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