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Baila Goldenthal z"l

Artist Statement

Since 1972 I have chosen to explore an idea using the form of the ‘series’ as part of the process of exploration. I have discovered that each succeeding series developed logically from the last, either technically or conceptually. Although the Western tradition is of paramount importance to me, especially the art of the Renaissance, the mysticism of the East and an on-going study of the Kabala (Jewish mysticism) remain as philosophically strong elements in my work. The early work, either directly or indirectly, revolves around Biblical themes and issues and evolves to include other mythologies and cultures: Christian/Byzantine, Hindu and Muslim.

Mine is an intuitive approach to the dance of life. For me, exploring form and light thru drawing, painting and sculpture, opens doors to unexpected levels in my perception of space and time. The challenge lies in expressing the human dilemma of how we relate to those abstract dimensions, how we perceive ourselves and how we relate to each other, within what appears to be an infinite field of energy.

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