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Beth Bachenheimer

Artist Statement

A key feature of my artwork throughout my career has been women's shoes, an obsession that I trace back to my original participation in Womanhouse in Los Angeles in the 1970s.  I also use found objects in my art including fabric, dolls, hardware, photographs and other materials characteristic of the late 20th century assemblage tradition in Southern California.  

Some of the key figures who have influenced my work include Edward and Lynn Kienholz, George Herms, John Outterbridge and Anne Messenger.

As a Jew and Holocaust survivor's daughter, my artwork is closely associated with the Jewish community and its culture.  My artwork joins a long tradition of Jewish artists whose work is closely linked to their critique of major features of society.  Many of my works accordingly, reveal the concern with society's defects and encourage viewers to reflect on their individual response to the problems I seek to identify.  My viewers come from many backgrounds, reflecting the multicultural dynamism of contemporary Southern California.


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