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Betty Green

Artist Statement

My current series of paintings entitled "In the Balance" explores opposition – winter and summer, light and dark, order and chaos - unending dualities in the natural world.

Frequently, I use symmetry as a way to bring order, structure and balance to my work, while on a separate plane chaotic elements create disorder. This interplay between stasis and kinesis creates a visual tension.

Using mixed media on canvas, I strive to create a visceral experience - combining paint and found materials to build dynamic surface textures.  I use materials such as bubble wrap, dental floss, twigs and metal objects to create specific tactile interest. 

Through this series of techniques, I seek to create a variety of visual experiences revealed on several planes.  I’m inspired by both the order and randomness of life - balance versus chaos. 

My work has been exhibited in galleries and museums in California.  I was awarded a Prime Time Emmy Award for graphic design, as well as “The Certificate of Tribute, City of Los Angeles” for development of an after school art enrichment program for at-risk youth.

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