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Bill Aron

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I began photographing at a time in my life when I was trying to figure out what connected my past to my present and what my future might be. My father believed in the unity of the Jewish people, yet he also believed in the American Dream. He wanted me to be an American but to respect where I came from. I visited his native Russia and saw his face in the people I met there. I knew then that had he not immigrated to America, I would still be a Jew in Russia today. In Havana, Cuba, I talked with Jews who had intended to follow in my father's footsteps but never got off the Island. On the Lower East Side of New York I walked where, as a young man, my father first set foot in this country. And I also went to Israel where the rest of my father's family ended up after they parted ways on the Russian plateau.

A volume of my work in Russia, Cuba, New York, Los Angeles and Jerusalem, entitled, FROM THE CORNERS OF THE EARTH, with an introduction by Chaim Potok, was published by The Jewish Publication Society. I also worked on a project depicting Jewish life in the “Deep South”. A volume of this work entitled SHALOM Y'ALL: IMAGES OF JEWISH LIFE IN THE AMERICAN SOUTH, with an introduction by Alfred Uhry, was published, by Algonquin Books. Another volume of images of Holocaust survivors in Southern California, THE INDESTRUCTIBLE SPIRIT, is in preparation.

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