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Bruria Finkel

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My education in the arts started with ceramics while in New York at Greenwich House Pottery and Alfred University. I came to California in 1959 and have lived and worked in Santa Monica ever since. I create works of art in a variety of media using geometric language and symbolic imagery: content, both abstract geometric and familiar body imagery. I primarily deal with concepts of time and cycles. 

In the late 1960s and 1970s my work was focused on ecology, women’s and survival issues. In the 1980s I created works in handmade paper, art books, paintings and bronze sculptures inspired by my translations from Hebrew to English of the writings of the Cabalist A. Abulafia (1238 Spain).

In the 1990s I exhibited in Europe where I created temporary art installations in Germany and England and permanent installations in the U.S. I have exhibited my work continuously for more then 52 years, and I have also curated many important group shows in L.A.

I have used photography and Polaroid to create a series I named ‘sky paintings’ in the late 1980s. In 2010 after a car accident my work turned toward digital photography, the iPhone and iPad. In a recent series called ‘The Skin Series’ I dealt with visuals of time passing and change.

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