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Cathy Weiss

Artist Statement

I am inspired by the experiences and stories we all hold. 

The content of my work addresses and questions decisions we make on a humanistic level and ask us to consider our choices. My process is one that begins with a concept, a thought, words that have moved me. I then read, draw, write, carve, print, build and layer my images to convey meaning about the physical, psychological and spiritual interstice we experience. My work questions, yet affirms our ability to see through a new lens and make positive changes that will affect our future. 

Cathy Weiss was born in NYC and raised in Los Angeles. She earned her BA in art from the University of California, Santa Cruz and received a fellowship in printmaking from Pratt Institute for graduate studies in New York City. Weiss has shown nationally and internationally including a recent solo exhibition at Bleicher Gallery in Los Angeles. She has won numerous awards for her work and is in collections nationally and internationally. Weiss is dedicated to promoting printmaking and arts opportunities for children through teaching and community projects.

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