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Debra Sokolow

Artist Statement

I have always found inspiration from cloud formations, crashing waves, still waters and the wind rustling through the leaves. As I walk along a stream or the ocean, I love to analyze the combination of colors and the light as it penetrates and reflects off the surface. If I don’t have a camera with me, I study the movement of the water, the sunlight through the clouds or the colors of the foliage, and return to the studio to translate these moments onto a surface.

I like to work with a variety of materials on board, paper or metal, depending on the intent. My goal for the majority of my artwork is to portray movement of the wind, air, water and light on the two-dimensional surface, trying to capture the feeling more than the representational image.

I use a variety of rice papers to form the structure for the composition. As I layer thousands of small and interwoven brush strokes of acrylic paint the subtleties of the colors, along with the action of the stroke, create an undulating effect and the transparent tones of colors create depth and illusion. My work, like my life, has evolved to reflect a more abstract form of expression.

I feel profound joy creating artwork that reflects my state of mind intertwined with the vibrations of the universe. The exploration of light, nature and atmosphere fills my mind with imagery and breathes life back into my spirit and soul.

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