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Ed Buttwinick

Artist Statement

I see through the lens of an artist fascinated by nature, art history, and the heritage and culture of Jewish identity. My voice is that of a Zionist's grandson. My work focuses on Judaic themes drawn from the well of our religion and its multifaceted past. Our People have historically valued narrative and literacy, two vehicles of storytelling that are deeply woven into my art.

Duchamp and Rauschenberg influence the constructed assemblage techniques I use, in which relationships among eclectic, unrelated, and mundane materials express ideas and emotions. I speak the language of symbolism, paradox, and metaphor. Spark plugs suggest the energy of G-d. Pitchfork tines signify a menorah, while wooden tambourine parts echo the Lion of Judah's expressive eyebrows.

The path of my creative process is guided by walking along the elusive edge between the real and the imagined, the serious and the playful. Striving to give meaning and significance to items that once lived in one form and now exist in another, a dialogue begins with drawings and coalesces with found objects. Magically, line becomes shape while image and form become subject and theme. A particular moment or concept in our history is then revealed and the story is told.

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