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Edna Miron Wapner

Artist Statement

My artwork is an expression of spiritual art inspired by our Jewish mystical tradition that I experience through meditation, prayer and Jewish learning. I refer to myself as a Jewish spiritual artist and educator. Spiritual art evokes spiritual truths and higher states of consciousness. In the creative process I am led to a greater understanding of myself and my connection to my world. The kavannah, or focused intention, is to heal the body, mind and soul, a personal tikkun, or healing through the art process itself.

In our world today the loss of spirituality has affected our lives and left a void. Therefore, in seeking the meaningful rather than just beauty in artistic expression, I am fulfilling a deep need in myself for purpose. Kandinsky called this "an inner necessity" that puts us in touch with our souls.

Influenced by Marc Chagall who considered his work to be prayer: prayer in the sense of a vital, fresh discovery of his own special presence in the world. My art then becomes a powerful act capable of elevating the ordinary to the extraordinary, its essence, change.

I seek to integrate the concepts of kavannah and tikkun with art as a transformative process. This therapeutic aspect of the creative act allows me to express and examine myself. Each form has deeper meaning. Abraham Joshua Heschel says "Jewish tradition insists that no performance is complete without the participation of the heart. It asks for inner participation, not only external action. Kavannah is the awareness of the will of God."

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