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Eitan Mendelowitz

Artist Statement

The expressive power of the computer excites me. While the computer can serve as a powerful tool to advance traditional art forms (e.g. Photoshop for photography, Final Cut for video, Reason for audio) its true expressive potential can be achieved when the computer is used as a medium in its own right.

As ubiquitous computing becomes a reality, processors and sensors are finding their way into everything we use (e.g. refrigerators, cars, clothing). Innovations in networking allow for the interconnection of these embedded devices, and advances in artificial intelligence promise to make sense of this unprecedented flow of data. It is a process largely unaware of its own sociopolitical ramifications. Much of my work explores our personal connection to technology as well the proper place for technology in our culture.

Artificially intelligent systems infer or create meaning from input. I am often struck by the beauty and elegance of this process. My work, and others that share what I've deemed the AI aesthetic, expose the wonder inherent in the algorithmic creation of knowledge. At times, this pursuit pushes technological boundaries, which demands scientific creation and innovation requiring trans-disciplinary collaborative efforts.

In pursuit of the AI aesthetic, I strive to harness the power of this emerging medium, allowing for visceral appreciation both with and without technical understanding.

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