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Erella Teitler

Artist Statement

I have a fascination with the thought, “What would happen if…” and I love to experiment with color, placement, and texture. My art is constantly evolving and changing as I experiment with new techniques and materials. Recently, my work has been primarily using collage and mixed-media, as these mediums are so exciting for me. In fact, at times, using collage and mixed-media almost feels like an addiction.

I love the look and feel of papers, fabrics and metals, and I like to create texture in my work. I find that I am most drawn to warm and glowing colors like red, orange, copper and gold. My work frequently includes layers of handmade papers, stamps, paint, texture, found objects, inks, metalics, gold leaf, fabric, and elements from nature, such as leaves and flowers. Most often, I will get nearly finished with a piece, and then spend some time looking at it to determine what is needed to complete it. Inevitably, I will be moved to make some finishing touches; a process that feels as if the piece is creating itself.

My inspiration comes from my surroundings, from nature, and from my life. I draw upon my past and my present, as well as from the various cultures that I’ve been exposed to, and from the history of my people.

For others, I hope that my work brings about wonderment, discovery and re-discovery-- seeing things in a new or different way.

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