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Carol Es

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I slowly and carefully paint abstracted narratives. I think I do it that way because it calms my nerves. It’s kind of meditative. I mostly use oil color on canvas or panel, but I’m known to mix it up by adding materials from the garment manufacturing trade. I grew up in the apparel business, cutting patterns, so I also do installations with cutting room supplies. I like drawing on patterns, sew on my canvases, use watercolors, and make Artists’ books too.

I’m most interested in the simple black line, and love being ambiguous and ridiculous at the same time. I also like little feet, pipes, plungers, and sticks, Hebrew letters, silly cartoons, wheels and brackets, or overlapping various objects, like boxes, or rock piles, or any other absurd idea I can come up with.

Art is a personal redemption for me - a methodical, visionary activity I use to distract myself and bury memories of abuse, disassociation, and disability. I use it to connect to my Jewish ancestry, to my community, and to the universe. And sometimes it is a struggle, like walking on the edges of tall buildings.

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