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Eva Hyam

Artist Statement

I make art in order to reach the place within me that I have not revealed even to myself. Through the art making process, I am defining my essence, as I connect to my core. My art is about transformation and expressing my true voice. It is an attempt to understand the mysteries of life through the process of exploring that which can be intuited, but not rationally explained.

My inner language translates itself spontaneously through abstract imagery. I tap into a feeling, a question, or an image that moves me and the process begins. I follow an internal “dialogue” as I work and listen to what the piece desires and intuitively respond. I am interested in the merging and juxtaposition of color, surface, texture, spacial relationships and transitions.

My art is an exploration in surface and detail, thus bringing elements of history and traditions to a new form. My art is an attempt in weaving the simplicity and sacredness of daily life together thus revealing itself through texture, layers and detail.

Creating art enriches my life and nourishes my soul. It is the avenue that my voice can resonate the most clearly. It is a healing force in my life.

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