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Karen Hochman Brown

Artist Statement

My kaleidoscopic fascination goes back to my childhood days. I take a simple tube of cardboard and mirror, looking through with one eye while closing the other. There is nothing else but the reflected light; the world goes away.

Computer software and hardware now replace my toy. I sit with a stylus and keyboard, watching the show unfold as I turn, layer, and spin reflections of my photographs. Not restricted to a flat mirror, I romp through polar space, fiddle with fractals, and play in the realm of infinite images.

I personally get great satisfaction spinning my digital kaleidoscope, creating each of the bits that I then put together to make an entire piece. But the real fun is weaving the many kaleidoscopic layers of my art into a single image. I want the finished piece to hold a cohesive kind of energy and balance. I play with shading to make the layers interact with depth. As a result, I want the viewer to be drawn into the singular world encased in the artwork.

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