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Ilan Laks

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Born in Boston, Massachusetts, Laks moved frequently with his family throughout childhood. As an artist, he spent time living and painting in Barcelona, Spain, and Cerillos, NewMexico, a ghost town outside of Santa Fe.  The two cities served as bookends for the developing artist, not only in his study of light and color, but for the lasting impressions they made of social and emotional extremes: the bustling city vs. the ghost town.

Laks studied at the San Francisco Art Institute, working closely with Bruce McGaw and Jeremy Morgan.  In 2005, armed with his new BFA, Laks foundedAudioCinema, a 20,000 sq. foot production facility in Portland, Oregon. There he built studio spaces for himself and over 200 local artists of different disciplines. While working in Oregon, Laks used AudioCinema to broadcast messages of positivity by painting single word suggestions atop the building on a large billboard. This piece, The “Word” Sign, faces the heavily trafficked Hawthorne Bridge and has since become a part of the Portland skyline.

Working as a non-representational painter in mixed media, Laks has evolved into an industry of himself. From his initial experiments with improvised and unconventional applications of paint and materials, the artist has, over 10 years, pioneered and mastered innovations that enable him to control cumbersome equipment. Laks creates modular works, blasting with industrial grade tools onto birch panels. His process is unique, creating layer after layer of media, sanding in between each plane, resulting in large-scale and even colossal, highly theatrical works that are smooth yet rich with texture.  

He uses the term, “galactic infinity” to describe his work, making reference to the continuous, seemingly endless movement that spreads across multiple panels creating intimate moments of space and simultaneously the magnanimous total experience of a galaxy. Inspired by French philosopher Gilles Delueze’s Rhizome Theory of Interconnectivity, Laks has shed all narrative content to revel in evolutions of mark-making and deconstruction. Conveying the vastness of macro/micro dimensional space, “galactic infinity” is a fitting description.

Laks’ works are part of numerous private collections and have shown internationally in galleries, public spaces, and private exhibitions. ilan Laks now lives in Los Angeles with his wife and daughter. His studio is in Culver City.

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March 2012 took a 40 foot painting to Long Beach set to original song "Weather Man"
5/12 setting up and having some friends by his Culver City Studio set to original song "Drinkin To Do"
installing NUMBER10 in Merril, Lynch San Diego CA