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Jean Edelstein

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To me art is an internal investigation of who you are and what motivates you. It is also an adventure with ideas and materials. My paintings primarily work with the figure and I have recently enjoyed using Chinese accordion books to do paintings of orchids, landscapes, gardens and performances. I record my travels and daily experiences in my books. As events unfold, I paint a narrative image of that unique time and place. 

In performances, I work with dancers and musicians on stage at various venues worldwide integrating art, music and dance. My paintings, such as Let*s Dance, are a result of this process. 

I have always been interested in indigenous cultures, and the Artist and the Shaman is one of a series that reflects that interest, in this case the spiritual practices in Korea.

The Disaster Series was inspired by black and white photographs accompanying journalistic accounts of world crisis. I was deeply moved by the tragedy and heroism of these anonymous men and women who suffer the ravages of military conflict.

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