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Judith Elias Liebe

Artist Statement

I can spend hours, looking at the different colors and tones of nature. I am passionate about finding the right grays and blues of a shadow on my palette and to translate my visual experience into painting. Part of my journey as an artist has been to explore the old masters technique whose fine layering of paint and drawing skills I admire.

I appreciate to make my own paint by grinding pigments in oil and I like to lay down my own foundation on panel or linen. I want my subjects to hold a symbolic space. I strive to connect the physical with the metaphysical, the limited with the infinite, Olam hazeh with Olam haba. I think to reveal this connection by depicting a very intense light, which dissolves all contrast and thus appears infinite. (En sof). Being an authentic artist in the postmodern times means to me to be aware of my own mortality.

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