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Mara Zaslove

Artist Statement

When she looks through her camera, Mara is drawn towards a composition that tells a story. Primarily self-taught, she has enjoyed being exposed to a spectrum of art and learning. Her focus is on a variety of motifs and she often relies on natural light to reflect an array of patterns and relationships. 

Ms. Zaslove grew up in a family that embraced the arts. She found that this early exposure permeates her sense of balance and style. Her passion for photography has allowed her to express herself in a visual conversation. 

Photography has ignited a hunger that has interwoven Mara's view of the world with her life experiences. The outcome results in an unfolding documentation of the world in which we live. As a member of JAI, she looks forward to further exploration of how her Jewish heritage influences her art and her self-awareness.

Mara’s photographs have been featured in numerous exhibitions. Most recently, her work was included in the Shadow and Light Magazine, March/April 2018 issue; her photo was a single image winner for ‘Color It Red’. Selected photos were shown in F-Stop Magazine in February 2018; Beauty/Beautiful issue. Her series “Don’t Bring Me No Rocking Chair” was a finalist in the 2018 Gala Awards: Women Seen by Women part 3.  Mara was also chosen as an “Artist Spotlight Solo Art 2018 Exhibition” winner where her work will be highlighted for one month in Fusion Art.

Her work has also been shown in the 2nd Annual LA Artcore Photography Exhibition as well as the 2018 all group media show “Bunk” at Gallery 825, “Wonderland Grayscale” 2018 exhibit at bG Gallery and the 2018 Chromatic Awards International Photo Contest : where her work received 3rd Place in the Nude Category. Mara lives and works in Santa Monica. 

More information on her photography can be seen on her website at

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