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Melinda Smith Altshuler

Artist Statement

My work is concerned with many forms of translucency including the metaphoric meanings. Translucent materials filter and transform the many forms of light that we experience here in Los Angeles and what I use in my art practice. Light and shadow are important mediums for me and my work.

I make sculpture with paint and paintings with objects. Sculptural projects utilize found metal objects and wood as the skeleton of projects. I am very attracted to those objects that can be redefined with the addition of a few other materials in sculpture as well as the other art mediums.

I work in many mediums utilizing translucent materials like acrylic paint medium (paint without the pigment) and the paper from tea bags. I explore sculpture, installation, photography and collage. Translucency allows light and shadow to exist as the metaphor of honesty. I feel that work undefined allows many important meanings to surface. Light and shadow defines space without words.

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