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Bonita Helmer

Artist Statement

I explore scientific theories of physics, astronomy, the inner and outer realms of existence, and the unseen elements of our universe in my paintings. Mystical and philosophical theories are interwoven with ancient symbols as I represent aspects of space and particle physics such as the crystal lattice, nutrino, gravitino, sparticles and star nurseries. 

I am attracted to naturally occurring and theoretical forms and structures that lend themselves to gestural abstract painting. In actuality, I paint real things and places that are in themselves abstract and sometimes even invisible. I use physics along with images from space as inspiration for investigation into the theory of the ever–expanding universe. I create metaphors for the conditions of our world. 

There is a peaceful, beautiful energy in the universe as well as an awe-inspiring unpredictability. There is so much anguish caused by war, poverty, famine, human fragility and endless conflict in the world, it is my desire to paint an unknown, untouched landscape that is still without the influence of human destruction. 

I am interested in the future of the human race and I desire to express a visual representation of a landscape that is still relatively free from human strife.

All paintings are acrylic and spray paint on canvas.

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