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Ruth C. Snyder

Artist Statement

My work has followed a consistent theme over time: the relationship between the forms of nature, figurative or abstract, and movement in space. In various forms, expressing motion and emotion, full figures are created in bronze such as Olympiad, Mother and Child, and Flight.

In an attempt to break free of their intrinsic materiality, the figures combine fluidity of motion and expression. In addition, figures are combined and placed on circular bronze columns of various heights as in Emergence and Completing the Circle. In recent years, I produced a large sculpture with human figures struggling to ascend between and above two bronze walls. My sculpture titled Ghetto Wall displays the plight of those who were caught in the Holocaust and serves as a constant reminder that we must never forget and remain complacent in the face of prejudice. A permanent installation resides at the Jewish Home for the Aging in Reseda, California entitled “Completing the Circle."

Consequently, I was commissioned to create new mezussahs for the building based off the three patriarchs. Newer sculpture expresses freedom by movement and ascension. The expression of climbing is displayed in a 25 ft sculpture called Bone Ladder Reaching. A series of rungs made of bronze femur bones, was held by steel wire to complete the image of movement and life. A 9 ft sculpture was then made of stainless steel femur bone entitled Bone Jungle Gym. The dependence on nature remained, and occurs in the form of the bone rungs. This represents the physical and also the natural realm of motion and freedom. I recently produced a 12ft long bronze sculpture named Bone Rainbow. A greater expression of freedom and motion is predominantly shown here by the use of bones.

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