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Ruth Weisberg

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I make art out of all aspects of my identity, finding that art integrates my experiences, beliefs and heritage. I am particularly nourished by the history of the Jewish people and by the unwritten history of women. I believe that art creates meaning and can be transformative for both the artist and their audience. Since 1974, I have created installations that invite the viewer to enter an architecturally defined space. My interest in the spatial organization of narrative with its potential for interactivity culminated in the large scale works, “The Scroll,” 1987-88, “Sisters and Brothers,” 1994, “Canto V: A Whirlwind of Lovers,” 1999, and a mural, "New Beginnings: One Hundred Years of Jewish Immigration", in progress.

The visual qualities of my work are often affected by the lens of memory; by the sense of the passage of time and the act of remembering. The theme of "L'Dor V'Dor" has been part of my work for many years. In my recent drawings for 'The Open Door' Haggada for the Reform Movement, I tried to convey a sense of the generations around the table. Judaism in its wisdom makes telling our story to our children- as if we too had come out of Egypt- our first obligation.

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"Ruth Weisberg: Now & Then" - Jack Rutberg Fine Arts, Los Angeles