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Rhea Carmi

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For 34 years I have created art that celebrates the unbreakable human spirit - Specifically its ability to survive the brutality and insanity of war, the harshness of human nature and the fragility of life itself. I owe my unique perspective to the place of my birth-Jerusalem- a land that is spiritual and passionate, searing and volatile.

My art is a profound search to make visual the darkest and most illuminated aspects of the human condition. I lead the viewer through a succession of piercing abstract narratives from the grim ashes of suffering, passed the horrors of human cruelty, to emerge into the light of healing, compassion, and the ebullient joy of freedom. 

My three artistic series, entitled: “Humanities Struggles”, “Humanities Resilience”, and “Everlasting Spirit”, are at once painful, powerful yet unsettling. Although they are individual series, there is continuity, as I reveal a path from Humanities Struggles to Everlasting Spirit, albeit uneven, circuitous, and unpredictable. I prefer to capture the visual essence of pain to healing rather than lock into particular pre-determined configurations. 

I utilize a variety of media: oils, sand, water, treated paper, canvas and wood; which I layer smooth and sculpt to create abstract impressions, which demand tactile as well as visual interplay. My works are perceived as the topography of intimate landscapes, as well as the mapping of emotions and sensations devoid of familiar forms. The paintings are a personal diary as I chronicle the events that had an impact on humanity and nature. These works combine to express the feelings of introspection, conflict, human emotion, and the effects of malicious wielding of power and greed on humanity.


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Rhea Carmi - Voices of Silence, Voices of Hope
Rhea Carmi painting is at background of interview about John Lennon Photos Book Signing at Frank Pictures Gallery