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Sara True

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Abandoning brush in moments of painterly trance, I scrape paint with a penny, splice through thick color swatches with a pencil, squirt color straight from the tube, blend soft tones with my fingers, smear shades with my whole hand, until patterns flow seamlessly into each other as the movement of the piece evolves. I am traveling towards timelessness; in paint, I am mapping abstract journeys of expression. 

As I walk, I gather objects, the items left behind. Recombining these abject elements in multimedia assemblages, I give them new life, transforming discarded ugliness into beauty.

Aided by the teachings of Kabbalah and semiotic theories of a pre-language space, I join an ongoing conversation throughout history that investigates the elements of our shared human reality. With each intuitive piece, I use artistic creation as a medium to dismantle and expose the notions of time, space, and spirit. 

The deeper my works approach the heart of it all, the more effectively I am able to emerge from this space with understanding and healing. Painting itself becomes a search for the cracks in the Universe; rendering these invisible breakages serves as an act of Tikkun Olam, repairing the world. 

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creation; inspired by the kabbalistic creation process
anymore; abstract memoryscape