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Sandra Lauterbach

Artist Statement

I am a contemporary mixed media artist. Fabric is my medium of choice. My relationship with fabrics and stitches is tied to my background. My family has been in the textile industry for over four generations. Thread, yarn and fabric are my paints and the needle is my brush. 

The element of stitching is vital to my work. The stitching is initially intuitive and unplanned. It is part of the composition as well as the technical force that grounds the work. Stitches have multiple personal meanings for me and provide a link to the women who have lived before me. 

As a tactile and visual person, I am intrigued by the variety of textures, colors and flexibility of fabric and how it interacts with thread and paint. The use of complexity, color and depth allow me to explore dimensions of physical space. This frequently results in a layering of materials that creates a three-dimensional aspect in my art.


“Wailing Wall of Krakow” - explanation and background of the piece

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