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Shelley Gazin

Artist Statement

My work investigates social relationships and aspects of cultural pluralism as a vehicle for finding my own context in the Jewish world. 

This is a trajectory of my graduate studies as a founding grad student of the UCLA Design/NewMedia Lab where I directed my studies toward an analysis of video imagery and its development as a teaching tool; my photographic studies with Robert Heineken further influenced my direction as an editorial photographer. My current work exemplifies original primary immersion research for data collection and interpretation. 

My seminal exhibition of photographs and interview excerpts comprising Looking for a Rabbi is being revisited for publication and my documentary and narrative portraiture inquiry of Persian-American Jewish life Becoming Persian: Photographs & Text Threads Illuminating the Iranian-Jewish-American Community is an ongoing focus, launched vis-a-vis several competitive grants awarded in 2005. As an ethnographic artist, I employ written word as well [to form an-archive-in-demand for academic research into local culture and history]. 

My work is intended to mediate boundaries by provoking conversation between artist and subject and ultimately between subject and community when articulated as site-specific [installation] exhibitions as in Reconstructing the West Bank which was installed on all three floors of UCLA Hillel/Dortort Center for Creativity, recreating a journey through time and space on a day of peace. 

I hope to return to Paris soon to complete a time-capsule of changes in the Marais where I once lived and which has become Hollywood Along the Rue des Rosiers. 

Project Portfolios available upon request.



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