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Susan Gesundheit

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Susan Gesundheit’s paintings, prints and collages explore the surface of a two-dimensional graphic world with an extensive range of color and texture. Her work displays a sense of interpretation and experimentation with multiple layers visible all the way through to the final image. She prints from plastic stencils that are peeled off an inked plate, flipped and repositioned. The results are a universal cityscape, unplanned, of no particular origin.

Her approach was developed sixteen years after her B.A. in Art from UCLA, during classes with Alex Vilumsons, whose right brain drawing approach turned her art toward a more creative and personal direction.  She joined Artist Co-op 7, a group formed out of his classes, and has grown as an exhibiting artist and teacher, and serves on their art panel of curators.  

Susan Gesundheit chairs the art gallery committee for USC Hillel that brings inspiring art for the students to view. She is an exhibiting member of Jewish Artists Initiative, Collage Artists of America, Women Painter’s West, Valley Watercolor Society, California Art League, National Watercolor Society, and LA Printmaking Society. Susie reaps the benefits of teaching and the positive energy of working with studio groups: she teaches Artist Co-op 7 watercolor and figure drawing classes at the San Fernando Valley Arts & Cultural Center in Tarzana, and participates in monotype workshops in Italy, Jerusalem, Santa Ynez and at USC with Ruth Weisberg, Roski School Professor at USC. 

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