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Terry Braunstein

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During my thirty year career as an artist, I have translated my ideas into a variety of media -- photography, books, video, sculpture and public artwork. Like visual archaeology, the work always begins by exploring the world through research and scientific observation. I collect various kinds of ephemera and bring them together in collage: the times in which they were printed become powerful elements as they are juxtaposed with one another. Old magazines, encyclopedias, books, and maps found in boxes at flea markets, yard sales, and used book stores -- have come to form the archive materials used in my photomontage-based work. My resulting images address issues of daily life and personal memory about the larger forces of the universe and human history.

Since 1972, I have been making artists books, and have produced more than seventy -- some one-of-a-kind, others in limited edition. At the same time, I have been looking for ways to bring my "bookworks" to a broader audience in the form of photography and public art. Key examples are Local Odysseys, completed in 1994, a permanent public art piece created for a Los Angeles Metro Station, In Vogue, two photo-installations commissioned by the L. A. County Museum of Art, a Navy memorial for the city of Long Beach, a conceptual master plan for the Long Beach bluff and bike path (with artist Craig Cree Stone), and a 10' high sculptural book for the City of Cerritos.

Although I have not made many artworks that have dealt, specifically, with my "Jewishness," I feel that it has always been a part of my work. Shot on the Spot, a book that was completed in 1999, was the work that dealt most directly with my Jewish background, and has led me to think about other ways that I have brought in this important aspect of who I am. This work is about the people of a tiny schtetl in Belarus that were masacred by the Nazis during World War II.

Artists books continue to be my most consistent medium and, in the past five years, I have completed seven new ones, including A Tale from the Fire, commissioned by the National Museum of Women in the Arts. Through the use of new technologies, such as the computer and electrostatic printing, the recycling and recontextualizing of material has taken on new dimensions for me, thus increasing even further the potential of new audiences for my work.

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