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Yoella Razili

Artist Statement


“I see with an eye that feels… I feel with a hand that sees…” Goethe.
As I sit in my studio trying to galvanize my thoughts and ideas that define my artistic work, I always come back to the sentence above. It guides me and reaffirms my process. It is the material, the eye and the hand that interact. It is the process, the experience and the need to define space over and over again that reaffirms my artistic endeavor.
I work with industrial materials that in the real world are designed to build houses. I explore the relationships between contradicted surfaces. For example: varnished aluminum stands alongside wood or wax. Each material has its own distinct character. Each reacts to the other as well as to the surrounding environment. Aluminum reflects and returns light. Wax lets light pass through.
Aluminum, wax, wood, mesh; all building materials. I take them to construct a different space of altered relationships.
My space is an expansion of man-made architectural structures. It is a landscape that starts within and grows into the unknown. It is tangible, perhaps recognizable and affirming, yet new, pure, magical.
My wish for the future is to deepen that investigation of matter and space either in a gallery or in an open environment. I am eager to explore and invent new surfaces and new objects. I want to continue to witness the transformation of perception in new ways; ways that will surprise and astonish me.

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