JAI Featured Member/February 2024

Judy Dekel



JAI Featured Member

Judy Dekel

February 2024


JAI Featured Member

Judy Dekel

February 2024


My art reflects what I see when I look at the natural elements of nature all around me. I am always seeing the shapes, colors, light, shadows and defining lines that will make up the total image.

I am influenced by my own history and draw upon my experience and interests in all of the things that have been important to me and that have made me who I am today.

How I put all of this together on a two-dimensional surface, whether as a printmaker, watercolorist, or with a mix of various media is what becomes very exciting for me as an artist. I find that there is no finish line in sight.


Calla Lillies, watercolor, 20″ x 14″

Agave, watercolor, 20″ x 14″

The Journey Begins, 2023, oil-based inks on Rives BFK and Murillo paper, 11″ x 19″

The Journey Continues, 2023, oil-based inks on Rives BFK and Murillo paper, 11″ x 19″

The Journey is Complex, 2023, oil-based inks on Rives BFK and Murillo paper, 11″ x 19″


The Journey is Completed, 2023, oil-based inks on Rives BFK and Murillo paper, 11″ x 19″


Artist Statement: I made these monoprints in February 2023, and as I pulled each one from the press, I felt like I was on a journey. Creating a title for my artwork can be challenging, but not this series.

The first pull looked like an image with gates, doors, roads and interconnecting swirling shapes – some overlapping and some almost touching, creating tension.

I never know where the work will lead when I begin. As I pull one print after another, move the pieces around, turn some over and add more ink or additional shapes, I get lost in the moment and the process of creating. It leads me on its path… I’ll work on a series of prints for as long as it takes to reach a satisfying conclusion.

I’m like a traveler navigating an unknown map. This is what excites me about printmaking. I can plan, but often, I discover new, surprising and beautiful results as I work the plates.


Education: Fine Arts major at: University of Judaism, L.A. CA, University of Haifa, Israel, Printmaking at Otis Art Institute, LA, CA, UCLA- (Professional Certificate in Printmaking) and ongoing work with various Master Printers

Memberships: Los Angeles Printmaking Society, Artists Co-op7, Women Painters West, California Society of Printmakers, Collage Artists of America, Jewish Artists Initiative

Exhibits & More: Haifa Municipality Invitational, Art Teacher/Haifa Univ., Print Exchange Seoul, Korea, Ink & Clay Cal Poly, experimental Prints/Occidental College L.A. CA, Belfast Ireland Print Exchange LAPS, Riverside Art Museum Collection, Riverside City College, Quad Gallery, JAI Jerusalem Biennale 2015, 2017 & 2019, SLO Museum of Art, The Braid Gallery, The Hand Magazine, etc.


Resume  |  JudyDekel.com  |  Facebook.com/judy.dekel


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