Next JAI Cafe Online Event:

Monday, June 22nd, 7:00 p.m.

We will be honoring the memory of longtime member Karen Frimkess Wolff z”l

Karen was a member of JAI for many years. Her work had been included in the Jerusalem Biennale and many of JAI’s exhibitions. She was known for her drawings, her installations using bells, and her work with the artist Dori Atlantis.


JAI Arts Challenge • Update

Thank you to everyone who submitted artwork for our exhibition From a Narrow Place: Images of Resilience which will initially be an online exhibition followed by an on-site exhibition at USC Hillel in the Fall.

We are currently in the process of reviewing all the artworks submitted. Watch for more details in the near future.

JAI Featured Artist of the Month

Roger Gordon

Raised in Southern Africa, (Zimbabwe), and then transplanted to the United States as a teenager; Roger has learned to straddle dynamically different worlds and cultures. Each of his paintings are built on a foundation of classical training and years of practice. To Roger, imbuing life into a blank canvas or sheet of paper is a seminal process of creation and purpose.


The Jewish Artists Initiative (JAI) is a Southern California arts organization committed to fostering visual art by Jewish artists and promoting dialogue about Jewish identity and related issues among members of the arts community. We very actively organize exhibitions, programs, as well as study sessions for our members. We currently have a membership of over 130 Artists and Arts Professionals.

Years of Service to the Community

JAI Members: Both Artists and Arts Professionals

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JAI was conceived by the Jewish Community Foundation of Los Angeles in 2004. It was originally in partnership with the University of Southern California Casden Institute and the USC Roski School of Art and Design. For many years we have been under the fiscal sponsorship of the Center for Jewish Culture and Creativity. Members include primarily artists, as well as curators and art historians based in Southern California. The artists go through a jurying process to be admitted as members.

We have collaborated with a great range of Southern California institutions including American Jewish University, Hebrew Union College, UCLA Hillel and USC Hillel as well as a variety of art galleries and public spaces. We have also worked and exhibited in institutions in other parts of the United States and Israel such as the Jewish Art Salon, Hebrew Union College, New York, the New York UJA and the Jerusalem Biennale.

Governance of the organization consists of the JAI Executive Committee: Melinda Smith Altshuler, Bill Aron, Isaac Brynjegard-Bialik, Georgia Freedman-Harvey, Anne Hromadka Greenwald, Gilah Yelin Hirsch, Randi Matushevitz, Debra Sokolow and Ruth Weisberg, President.

Artists – you are welcome to apply for JAI membership. Please follow the instructions in our Selection Criteria for New Artist Members, thank you.