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Exploring the Artistic Practice of L. Aviva Diamond


Monday, March 22, 2021 | 7:00 p.m.

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My work encompasses both the outer world of street and nature photography and inner perceptions of a cosmos consisting of energy, light and movement. Much of my most recent work is a distillation of meditations exploring cosmic connections – delving into the nature of water and light, finding wonder and mystery in reflections and ripples – seeing the universe in a wave or the interconnectedness of a wet leaf and the night sky. I use digital techniques to blur photography and painting, matter and spirit.

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Image no. 1: Union Station, Los Angeles, 2017  |  Image no. 2: Bird Market, Hong Kong, 2017


Artist Statement:

In the often chaotic and overwhelming pace of life, I use my camera to create a visual diary of the places and experiences that have been imprinted on my psyche. In Extended Frame™, I look for singular moments that can be combined to convey the complexity of everyday life. These individual photographs – and the subjects within them – are placed in conversation with each other to explore dichotomies of public vs. private, unity vs. isolation, the collective vs. the individual. The resulting scenes transport the viewer to new, imagined environments even as visual inconsistencies disrupt the illusion where two frames meet. Simultaneously both distinct and interlinked, these images reveal unexpected connections, challenging our idea of what is real.

Instagram: @emfphoto59

Where Have We Been – Where Are We Going, 2014, monoprint w/chine colle, 22″ x 30″


Artist Statement:

I primarily produce my prints with various Monotype and Monoprint techniques. This enables me to combine my Printmaking and Photography experiences into a new and expressive art form. I am influenced by the forms, shapes and colors in nature, and bring these elements into my work. Judaic images, and in particular the older and more ancient formations almost always find their way into my art. Sometimes one has to look hard to find them, but their influence is surely there. I am forever challenging myself with new ideas and images which I find all around me.


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