JAI Featured Member/July 2024

Nancy Goodman Lawrence



JAI Featured Member

Nancy Goodman Lawrence


July 2024


JAI Featured Member

Nancy Goodman Lawrence


July 2024


Myth, Muse and Metaphor #2, 2022, mixed media on canvas, 24” x 24″

What Would They Say Today?, 2024, mixed media on canvas, 20” x 20″

Artist Statement:

I began my Myth, Muse and Metaphor series in early 2022. I had been looking at old illustrations of mythical and odd or quirky creatures, plants and insects, and I used them as a springboard for these mixed media paintings.

I use paint, vintage style wrapping paper and maps in my work. The paintings are very playful in nature. But, for me, there is also an underlying sinister quality to these pieces that represents the kind of chaotic and scary world we live in.

I am always very interested in the formalities of picture making – the painting, cutting out, hands-on act of making art and creating a beautiful surface. But, I’m equally interested in the stories or narratives that can lie beneath the surface.

Myth, Muse and Metaphor #1, 2022, mixed media on canvas, 24” x 24″

Myth, Muse and Metaphor #7, 2022, mixed media on canvas, 24” x 24″

Nancy Goodman Lawrence is a contemporary mixed media painter with a degree in art from UCLA. She began as a painter and over the years became interested in cut paper, which has become an important part of her work. She incorporates maps, vintage style wrapping paper and found papers into her mixed media paintings.

Recent exhibitions have included a solo show at the L.A. Art Association, a figurative work at the Ebell of Los Angeles and a print of a work in Unconnected Yet, curated by Todd Bartel in two shows that took place in Kolkata, India and Lorne, Australia.

Her work has been published in a variety of publications including:

  Unconnected Yet, Todd Bartel
  Corporeal Gestures, Clive Knights
  How Art Heals, Andra Stanton
  GASHER Literary Journal, Summer 2019 Issue
  Kolaj Magazine, Issue #14
  Geo Graphic, A Book for Map Lovers, Index Books, Barcelona

  The American Journal of Nursing, illustration: “Hot Flash!!”
  To the Power of N: When N Equals 10, Lulu Publications
  A Gathering of Sparks, Jewish Artists Initiative
  Masters: Collage: Major Works by Leading Artists, Randel Plowman
  Collage, Assemblage and Altered Art, Diane Maurer-Mathison

Myth, Muse and Metaphor #13, 2023, mixed media on canvas, 24” x 24″

Myth, Muse and Metaphor #4, 2022, mixed media on canvas, 20” x 20″


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